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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I3D projects

Today was the day we had to turn in our modeling projects from Intro to 3D. I think mine came along pretty well, and I even got a couple comments like: "Dude, that DS is awesome!" and "Rad!" It's stuff like that, gets a man all choked up inside.

*Updated* Here's the final project that I turned in.

Other than that, we also got the info on what our next project is going to be. Either an animation. or another still image, just with a lot more going on than a couple items. This one's crazy because we have the entire month to do it, which means it had better be tight by the end of the class.

Ah well, i'm off to look at how i'm gonna spend my Reward Zone money. I have $25 of Best Buy money to do whatever I want with, lol. I want Troy, I Robot, or a Milennium Xbox game...what to do, what to do.


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