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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Today was a long and crazy day. I walked to Dan's house this morning and got a ride to class from there. Lab was useful, yet defyingly 'weird' in a way. We got to see how some pics on the net aren't optimized for the web, and we were shown ways to correct this.

Class was a decent intro to the same concept, and some other important stuff like the basics of the internet. Good class.

Tonight, I get to play Halo 2 with some fellow XForce members. Hopefully the internet will stay up for the entire match, as lately it hasn't wanted to do so. It would suck for the guy giving the orders to lag out :0!!

Here's to Halo 2 and school. Some of my best time spent ;).

Now, the Unsupported part. Today was a day of finding out that people really don't like to do help you unless they gain something from it. I was told by multiple people that they wouldn't sign up on a conga that i'm on because they don't trust them. Luckily, there are about 4 or 5 others who are all for free stuff, and we're probably gonna start up a conga forum so we can help each other out and get stuff. If everything holds well, i'll be the one to lead it off because I have the most sites. This will be more than a benefit for me, because other people will wonder

"Where on earth did DJ get that iPod?! And what about that Arkitekt watch?! He doesn't have money to be buying that!"

Statements like those help people realize that there might be proof in those free sites, because when that happens, i have the feeling that there'll be a decent influx of people to the forums to keep it rolling :).

Here's for hopes that the Unsupported will soon be VERY Supported!


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