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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Weekend Update - LATE

Just got back from getting new tires, a new bookbag and some undies :D. I haven't given my Valentine's report, so here it is - short and sweet:


Went to movies and to eat with someone i liked. Shot down during dinner (kinda expected though). Blown front passenger tire on the way home. Took an hour to fix, as the tire didn't want to come off and my jack is craptastic. A nice policewoman waited with me (in the turning lane in the middle of the street - bad place to get a blown tire :S). She called a tow truck to help. Tow truck guy didn't charge me the $60 it should've cost to take off the tire. Got home, went to sleep.


After class, me and a friend went to the mall. I was told by my friend that if he had 2% of my charisma, he'd be a pimp, lol. He got a phone number. I called a BEAUTIFUL girl that i met at the club a few weeks prior. Saw Hitch with same beautiful girl - IF you haven't seen it yet, go see it!!! Set up a 'date' for Friday or Saturday - to play HALO!!! Had a DAMN GOOD night!

That's what i call a recovery ;).

Today had 3d class and got even further with my RC Jeep Liberty, and still feeling great from last night!


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