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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Guess what happened to me today? I got the PSP from!!!


  • Man, you sure show some nerdy ass shit here, lol.

    Anyway man, I forgot that there wasn't a direct contact spot on your blog, so I'll just comment here for your wonderful blog about your wonderful luck... *Peter Griffin voice* You bastard.

    I checked out your Flash page, and it is great man. Now mind you my computer doesn't like Flash sites all that much when it comes to animated buttons, but its really good. My only thought though, and this may be trite, is that the content box that explains the concept of the movie seems too invasive. It covers over 20-25% of the picture with Smith and whatshername (too lazy to look), and actually covers most of her up.

    I just thought that if you were going to keep it there, maybe lower the Alpha on it a little bit, and make it translucent much like the buttons are. That way the text is still visible, and it doesn't completely block her out. Or even, if you changed the shape and location (bitchy I know) to the base of the background pic, you still show the stars, and aren't really being invasive to the layout.Just my suggestion.

    Other than that man, sweet deal.

    By Anonymous Grendel, at 1:25 AM  

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