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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Here it comes.....

Here comes the craziest month of my time at Full Sail. Spring Break officially ends this coming Monday when we start back to classes. To say that it's going to be crazy wouldn be a gross understatement.

There are 2, count them, TWO HUGE projects that we're going to be working on this month...

For the website, I got in touch with someone for a possible redesign, but that depends on whether or not my group would accept my suggestion as to the person and company. If they allow it, it could be a huge career assist on all parts if (or should i say WHEN)we pull it off correctly, due to the company. I won't be posting any of their info, but I might post a link to the site when we're finished so people can see our handiwork :).

When it comes to the 3D project, things should go along pretty well due to the fact that one of the guys in my group is as into 3d art as I am. That helps things along QUITE well ;).

Well, i'm off to enjoy the rest of my weekend and hopefully finish the texture to my Veritech VF-1J fighter. That'll make things MUCH easier when we get back to class :).

Have a good weekend!!


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