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Monday, April 18, 2005

I can't BELIEVE IT!!!

If you're into Digital Art/Creation/Media like I am (it IS my job, lol), then you had to hear about this:

Adobe Buys Macromedia for $3.4 BILLION!!!

Now this might not be that big a deal for most people on these boards, but if you think about the fact that the world's leading seller of digital creation and editing tools has bought the leading supplier of software for interactive web-ready content, it brings some interetsting concepts to light, no?

I would bet my last dollar (and i'm down to it right now, lol) that Photoshop is the program that was used to clean up all the pretty little pictures all over, and Macromedia's Flash was the program that created all the nice moving ads you see littered around the internet.

This opens up intriguing thoughts.... Could Adobe corner the market in what they believe to be a 'defense' from Microsoft? Could Macromedia bring Adobe even MORE customers? The questions never cease when you place two industry giants in the same corner against everyone else... That's like Microsoft buying Sony's Playstation Division in 'defense' of the new Nintendo system's release! (MS has an open pocketbook big enough to buy just about any company on the planet, lol. But Although not impossible, it's HIGHLY doubted...)

I wonder if it's gonna be called Adobe Flash from now on....that's just gonna feel weird!

Oh..interesting little tidbit for you brainiacs out there reading this...... Were you aware that Flash isn't named the way it is because of it's flashy and showy graphics...It used to be called Future Splash. Flash is a shortened name for that. See! You learn something new every day!!


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