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Monday, April 11, 2005

These are the newest "pics" of the Xbox 360's controllers.....

I say it that way because they are no where near confirmed, but they seem to give a glimpse of where Microsoft is leaning with their next console's controls and color scheme. They look white to me, with a design that mixes the control scheme of the Controller S with the form mixture of both the Controller S and the DualShock PS One and 2 controllers.

This is interesting to me because it shows that MS is seriously putting thought into their controller choice. Both the "Duke" and the Controller S have been getting somewhat harsh reviews from people used to the DualShock pads, reasons being that they're "Too big" or "Doesn't feel right." Since the PS2 controller is widely acclaimed as the Best Controller, MS melding the design with their flagship S controller is sure to grab the attention of current PS2 owners that MS is trying to 'steal' from Sony this fall with the launch of the Xbox 360.

Add to that the fact that both MS and Sony both have plans on making their controllers wireless out of the box, and we have the beginnings of a true console war brewing on the horizon. Will MS' strategy of releasing the Xbox 360 work for them like it did for Sony and the PS2? Only time will tell and E3 is right around the corner, but it seems MS is out to take no prisoners with their next console. And this gamer can't wait to see the action.
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