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Friday, May 13, 2005


Sorry I took so long on the latest update, but things around here are getting pretty hectic! Not only have I finished my Game Content Creation and Advanced Web Design classes, but I scored a 91.45% and a 95.45% respectively!!! You can't get any better than that, and hopefully my scores and sites show off to potential customers that i'm ready to get it done.

On that note, if you need a website created at a reasonable cost, contact me via e-mail HERE. I'd be glad to assist your business get the website it deserves. If you want to see some of my work, here are some samples:

  • Adventure Comics:

    This is a site based on a local comic shop that needed a website done. I did all the database work in mySQL, and used PHP to communicate with the database. The Administration Area is so simple, that the owner - who doesn't know much HTML - can go in and update just about the entire site with just a few text boxes. I also designed the logo and background image.

  • Hitch: The Movie

    This site is done in Flash. It's a site based on the movie "Hitch" that was released by Sony Pictures this past February 13th. The site was done in it's entirety by me with use of Sony's picture assets found across the web.

On another good note, I have two more 2-month classes right now. Digital Media Production which deals with video and the different formats it can be generated on, and Interactive Media Design which involves using Macromedia / Adobe Director to create interactive content. Both classes seem pretty awesome so far, and i'm getting the point as time comes along.

In OTHER news, did anyone else see the XBOX 360 show last night on MTV?!?! While the show only showed about a good 15 minutes of interesting content, the best stuff was found on the web as usual:

  • TeamXbox

    This is one of the top Xbox sites on the web today. Their in depth-coverage is among the best i've seen. They often have Exclusive interviews with developers in the gaming community, giving the content straight to their users.

  • Xbox 365

    This site wasn't even a choice to show here. More widely known for it's forums rather than news, the community of this site just reached 10,000 users - and that's just the registered ones. A fun fact is that users of the forums regularly contribute to the news findings! If you want to talk anything Xbox related, or have an Xbox Live Clan, this site is the one for you. I frequent this site under the tags "Deejay Knight [XF]" and "Dark Knight [XF]" so if you haven't yet, stop on in and see us. If you have something meaningful to say, we'd be glad to hear it!.

  • Xbox360 Portal at IGN

    I didn't know that sites could have this much information for just the ANNOUNCEMENT of a new console. Even though most of the rumours turned out to be true, this is just a WHOLE other ballgame. The sheer AMOUNT of information here would take days of reading to get to all of it, and i'm completely blown away by it's unveiling. If you NEED to have some info on that title you've been hearing about, they probably have it.

That'll do it for my update right now, but please believe that i'll be dropping my own Xbox 360 impressions on here, with photos (if you haven't already seen them - IF that's possible, lol).

Stay tuned!


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