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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Multiple Posts.....

First off, I'd like to have a lil bit of self-promotion. If you've heard of the craze, i'm here to tell you that they've gone futuristic and now have a free Xbox360 site up:

Second, i've had an epiphany lately...women that say they want a nice guy are merely joking with you. I've been in conversations with quite a few women that admit their "preference" for nice guys. Why does this bother me, you ask? It's because every woman that's ever told me that has ended up with someone who's the exact opposite of a nice guy...

You see, I have one of these 'nice guy' personalities. I joke a lot ,like to keep a smile on my face, and i'm generally a nice person. The thing that bothers me about this is the fact that NO woman (under 25 at least) REALLY wants a nice guy. Most women want a 'bad boy'. The kind of guy that they don't really want to bring home to meet her parents because they'd NEVER approve.

I'm not one of those guys. I feel almost bad, because i've been considering the transition to acting more like a badass. The man that I am inside won't be accepted by women any time soon. That won't happen until they've dated a few badasses who have been a bit too much 'badass' and not enough 'boyfriend'. The reason i'm having this dilemma is because I feel i'd be portraying something i'm not just to get someone to chill with me... That bothers me to no extent. I haven't considered being something i'm not to get acceptance before, so the fact that I'm even thinking it is very bothersome to me. What's even more bothersome is the fact that i'm only considering it out of loneliness :S.

Don't get it twisted, as i'm more of a 'people-person' than you might expect... It's just annoying that I can attract people with jokes, but whenever I get close to a girl, i end up in the dreaded *huge announcer voice* "FRIEND ZONE" */huge announcer voice*, which is NO FUN.

Ah well. I gotta be myself no matter what people like. If it takes me to be lonely for a bit, so be it....


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