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Monday, August 29, 2005

The Xbox 360 comes in 2 Flavors - and One of them isn't a good one...

In one of the most bone-headed moves i've seen made by a huge company, Microsoft is releasing two different versions of the Xbox 360:

The $299 version is the "Core" package. It holds just the Xbox 360, a wired controller, and regular A/V cables.

The $399 version is the "Premium" package. This package, on the other hand, comes with a wireless controller, XBL headset, 360 remote, 20GB Hard Drive, and HD A/V cables.

It's CLEARLY the better value, and I feel bad for the individual who buys the Core....

Let's just wait and see if they notice the hardcore gamers - the ones who made their system known in the first place - reactions as they collectively smack themselves on the head wondering HOW a company so huge could make such a stupid mistake. Hopefully they notice.

They could take action to make the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) STANDARD in every console. To make more money like they obviously want to, they could launch a 40GB HDD along with the system. By doing this, they effectively give gamers a good deal by making the HDD standard, AND giving a bigger HDD option for the more hardcore gamers who will most likely buy the bigger option.

Here's my personal plea to Microsoft:

FIX THIS FIASCO. Hardcore gamers like the Xbox not only because it was the most powerful, but because the games that we notice MOST make use of the HDD in your system... By taking it out you effectively undo the revolutionary advance you made in gaming by adding the HDD in the first place. Have some decency and give us what we want - a HDD in EVERY Xbox 360 shipped. You'll be glad you did.


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