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Monday, January 31, 2005

Another Shameless Plug...

Once again, it's shameless plug time! Shameless Promo Time is the time I set aside to give referral links in the hopes of maybe starting a conga line, or someone assisting a broke college student in getting some much needed electronics. If you'd like to assist i'd be very grateful and would like to find a way to give something back for your efforts, so leave a comment with your e-mail and what name you signed up with and i'll at the least send you a thank you e-mail :).

Gear 4 Free: Has an ebay offer that you can do that doesn't require a cc if you use a address.

Mods 4 Free: Another site in the 4Free network, Mods 4 free has modded consoles, and also has the ebay offer.

Free iPods: The pioneer for all that are free sites! All I need is 2 more referrals with completed offers!!

Notebooks4Free: Let's see...a free 12.1" iBook G4 with 1.2GHz, Combo Drive, AND Airport Extreme wireless capabilities? Count me in!!

Just to let you know, my boy Dan is also promoting the same thing on his blog site: Sugar, Water, Purple. . The eBay offers are TRULY FREE. The only thing that you invest is around 20-45 minutes of your time, depending on how computer savvy you are. Help a college student out?

Sugar, Water, Purple

Right now, i'm multi-tasking and lookin at my boy Dan's blog. It's just as I expected..... as crazy as he is, lol. I don't know how he does it, but he just adds funny to everything he does. I have the same tendency, so when combined anywhere, we're what would happen if you had a comedy special with Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle, except not as rich. Dan is one of my best friends in Orlando :).

He's just as crazy as I am, but I don't tell a lot of people about it. They just know. This might have a lot to do with the fact that when we're together we laugh non-stop and always crack on people, hehe.

If you wanna give a looksee at his blog, go here:

Weekend Woes...

My weekend...

Any way you look at it, you HAVE to enjoy the weekend. Since my class days are like work days, clocking in at eight hours for most classes, the weekend is a fantastic time for me. It's for joyous Halo 2 playing over Xbox Live, watching a movie from my 180+ DVD collection, practicing the things that i've been taught in classes and labs, and most importantly getting closer to an old friend: Sleep ;).

This weekend was'nt much different from every one, which is to say that there was a lot of Halo 2 playing, DVD watching, practicing, and sleeping. The highlight though, is that the Halo 2 clan i'm a member of, by the name of XForce, has named me the General of First-Person Shooters! That means that when it comes to FPS's on the Xbox, I have to run things. w00t!! You can see the XForce homepage at here:

This is a big responsibility to me. I just hope I can take the already skilled members of XForce (a few of which are already as good at me, if not better in some areas) and make them into a cohesive unit focused on DOMINATING all who oppose us, lol.

First time for everything.....

And so it starts....

My first post on my first blog. It's definitely new to me, unfortunately. But that's for another time, now is time for something else: LINKAGE ;).

This first one is a shameless plug, I KNOW, but a college student's life is hard! Here is the link to get some free stuff, almost like the Free iPod site, but there's better stuff! On top of that, i'd be very appreciative, and you can tell people you donated to a good cause.

This second one is a site that i frequent based on Microsoft's Xbox. I've been a firm supporter of the Xbox since launch, so it fits me.

Finally, i almost have to admit my nerdiness on my first post, so here goes. I LOVE the Penny Arcade strips over at !! If you like video games and comics, this site not only has news on the latest industry happenings with gaming, but they make comic parodies. A MUST SEE!

And with that, I welcome you to Knight's Style. Thanks for coming, and I hope you enjoy your stay!