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Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Latest Info...

Well, I finally turned in my Flash site and my 3D model of a Veritech VF-1J fighter from the Robotech/Macross series is almost finised!!

This next month is gonna be busy on a whole new level of the word. :( Here's how:

Game Content Creation:
In this class, we have to create a level for a video game, and we're limited to 30,000 tris. That's crazy. Luckily we're doing something Robotech-like, so the models we're doing now work with the level.

Advanced Web Design:
This class will probably be the most important of the school year. We have to find a REAL client in the area and redesign their website. The details are gonna be CRAZY, and i don't know which position they're gonna put me in. I'll go more into detail about those when i get it :). Just to make sense though, let's say that some previous projects revealed that between the three person groups, there were 140+ man-hours invested into the project. Yea. We're gonna be BUSY!!

Fortunately, i'm on Spring Break right now :). I have all week to relax!!

Sony PSP

This little thing is off tha chain!!! I played with it this past week during break from class, and i'm HOOKED!!! The video display on it is unbelievably clear. I thought I wanted a DS bad, then got tired of it because there were no adult games on it, but here comes the PSP with something like 15-20 launch titles and a good majority of them, i WANT!!

The bad side of this? The system itself costs $250, the games cost from $30-50, and Sony is once again using it's proprietary formats. Other than that, it's a little bundle of joy :). If I had the money to buy one AND pay bills, i'd be great!

Since I don't have the money to afford it, i've been joining many sites that have contests or free sites like the Gratis Network. Since i'm a college student, i'm asking for your assistance!! Click the following links and support a college student in need!!!

Free PSPs

Messenger Plus! 3.50

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Why does Flash suck so much?

AWD is getting real interesting real quick. I JUST got actionscript to the point where I understand some of what's goin on, and it's annoying me that it doesn't wanna work right in my site.

I go up and sit with the teacher daily just to get a better understanding of what's going on, and it's KILLIN me that i'm not getting it.

I wanna spend 4 hours a day doing this stuff when I get home, but it's not working like I had hoped.....getting out at 9pm puts me in the mind of BED, lol. The next day is for 3D training, so I kinda have to put time into that.

Oh, and my Flash project is due Wednesday :(. Looks like this is going to a busy weekind.....

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Late, Late Nights....

I forgot to mention that the lab group i'm in for Game Content Creation is the 9pm-1am lab :(. That means on those days, i go to lab, get out at 1am, go home to sleep, wake up at 7:30am, and i'm back in class by 9am. That blows, but I have goals to keep. Gotta be on top, and i won't accept no for an answer.


I must be lame....

I gotta be!! Out of something like 50 people in my AWD class, i'm the only one that goes up during the 4-hour break between class and lab to do work.

I would like to get as good an understanding of Flash as I can possibly get. That way, my assets when getting out will be that much better! It must be just me though :).