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Friday, May 27, 2005

The Big Lie - Xbox 360 vs. PS3

This is a post made over at the Official Xbox Forums, and I have to say that it's the most detailed OVERALL look at the E3 announcements related to the Next Generation Consoles.

I would post it here, but you HAVE to read this for yourself to truly understand it:

When you've had the chance to read it, come back and comment on it. I think it's a very important read for anyone looking into the next-gen systems.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Multiple Posts.....

First off, I'd like to have a lil bit of self-promotion. If you've heard of the craze, i'm here to tell you that they've gone futuristic and now have a free Xbox360 site up:

Second, i've had an epiphany lately...women that say they want a nice guy are merely joking with you. I've been in conversations with quite a few women that admit their "preference" for nice guys. Why does this bother me, you ask? It's because every woman that's ever told me that has ended up with someone who's the exact opposite of a nice guy...

You see, I have one of these 'nice guy' personalities. I joke a lot ,like to keep a smile on my face, and i'm generally a nice person. The thing that bothers me about this is the fact that NO woman (under 25 at least) REALLY wants a nice guy. Most women want a 'bad boy'. The kind of guy that they don't really want to bring home to meet her parents because they'd NEVER approve.

I'm not one of those guys. I feel almost bad, because i've been considering the transition to acting more like a badass. The man that I am inside won't be accepted by women any time soon. That won't happen until they've dated a few badasses who have been a bit too much 'badass' and not enough 'boyfriend'. The reason i'm having this dilemma is because I feel i'd be portraying something i'm not just to get someone to chill with me... That bothers me to no extent. I haven't considered being something i'm not to get acceptance before, so the fact that I'm even thinking it is very bothersome to me. What's even more bothersome is the fact that i'm only considering it out of loneliness :S.

Don't get it twisted, as i'm more of a 'people-person' than you might expect... It's just annoying that I can attract people with jokes, but whenever I get close to a girl, i end up in the dreaded *huge announcer voice* "FRIEND ZONE" */huge announcer voice*, which is NO FUN.

Ah well. I gotta be myself no matter what people like. If it takes me to be lonely for a bit, so be it....

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Wool Over Your Eyes.....

After looking around the internet and watching videos of the next-gen consoles in action, I find that the conspiracy theory against Sony for their CG presentations has a good argument. Seems I wasn't the only one that wanted to see some in-game footage of PS3 games! The primary question here is this:
  • Will the PS3 be able to render what they say it can, when neither of their previous consoles could render anywhere NEAR what their tech demos could suggest until the end of their cycle?

I'm just sick of hearing people talk about how much more powerful a system is, when there's only one actually fleshed out.

The thing I find most disturbing is the fact that both the 360 and the PS3 will be around equal after Sony inevitably reduces their specs to compete with the price of the competition (That is if MS doesn't try to sell the 360 for over $400 - PS3's looking to cost $465!!). The ground that MS gains by releasing early might just be what it needs to get even or maybe even a heads up this gen. Statisically, the most powerful console created has NEVER won in a console cycle, so if PS3 is more powerful, they have to break some records and keep their console prices low to compete with other lower-cost systems. They can't afford ANY losses as their TV and PC sales have been abysmal...

Bottom line is, all the consoles will have their ups and downs. PS3 will have all the devs it's had for the PS2 and maybe a lil bit more under the hood. 360 will have XNA, XBL, and a LOT more developers on their side. Nintendo has their first party titles that help them sell systems - mainly because of their excellent use of the console.

Which one will I have?

All of them :D.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Way of the Next-Gen Console.....

There's tons of stuff going around about the newest consoles. With that, there are a lot of things that need to be worked on, and here are a couple of my personal ideas.

As for the marketing aspect, MS needs to get off their rumps this summer and start the hype for the 360. They need to do this, because they need everyone to see what the system can do rather than sitting on their laurels and letting Sony's Press Conference do the damage it's doing.

This is vital to the success of their system because in the last week, i've had to sit down with multiple groups of people that just had NO idea what the 360 could do. I've explained Live, XNA, all the new devs, and anything else I could. I did this to add a little info to their lives because almost every one of them kept saying "PS3 is gonna RAWK the next Xbox!!" They didn't even know it's name, yet they knew about the 360.

The response? They loved the ideas and were honestly considering both consoles before purchase. My personal goal, in that aspect, was to keep them from dumping on any particular system - especially since the closest one is six months away. Denying yourself a good time is a bad idea, lol.

The problem here is that not all hardcore gamers are multi-console ppl like myself. They stick with one console, and the mainstream is the same way. If MS plans to even keep in this race, they better start the marketing machine NOW.

And to add to the comments about the gameplay losing out, it's not because there aren't ideas out there. Everyone in here could throw in a different idea that would make a game fun and if added to a game, it could work out well.... Except for the fact that SUPER-COMPANIES like EA are killing off the innovation until they want to spend the time developing something new.

A company's business plan is to maximize profits. Unfortunately, new franchises and the time(and money) it takes to develop a new franchise isn't easily obtained by the startup devs that have fun ideas. Companies like EA use sequels as cheap ways to keep the profits in, because they can use existing work and change the storyline enough to warrant a new title. This has a LOT to do with the gameplay problems of the current day.

Once they figure out ways of giving away dev kits to the new and eager devs, gaming will take a whole new leap in gameplay. The bigger companies won't do it, because it isn't too profitable for their bottom line, but a new dev with nothing to lose has nothing to lose if they aren't paying for the kits.....

I HOPE YOU HEAR THIS MICROSOFT!! Go to schools that teach game creation, give them an educational version of your software tools and let their imaginations run wild. That way, there are more devs that can use your tools as they leave school - and they have time to work on games that port easily between PCs and consoles.

IMHO, when that happens, and ONLY when that happens, will the gameplay step up a few notches. Give kits to groups of people who would love for nothing more than to make a game and haven't tasted the money yet. Then we'll all benefit.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Best. Comparison. Ever.

I just read the most unbiased comparison of hardware i've ever seen. It lays it all out on the table. All cards out here, no holding back.

And that's the way I like it :).

PS3 and 360 Battle It Out

Friday, May 13, 2005


Sorry I took so long on the latest update, but things around here are getting pretty hectic! Not only have I finished my Game Content Creation and Advanced Web Design classes, but I scored a 91.45% and a 95.45% respectively!!! You can't get any better than that, and hopefully my scores and sites show off to potential customers that i'm ready to get it done.

On that note, if you need a website created at a reasonable cost, contact me via e-mail HERE. I'd be glad to assist your business get the website it deserves. If you want to see some of my work, here are some samples:

  • Adventure Comics:

    This is a site based on a local comic shop that needed a website done. I did all the database work in mySQL, and used PHP to communicate with the database. The Administration Area is so simple, that the owner - who doesn't know much HTML - can go in and update just about the entire site with just a few text boxes. I also designed the logo and background image.

  • Hitch: The Movie

    This site is done in Flash. It's a site based on the movie "Hitch" that was released by Sony Pictures this past February 13th. The site was done in it's entirety by me with use of Sony's picture assets found across the web.

On another good note, I have two more 2-month classes right now. Digital Media Production which deals with video and the different formats it can be generated on, and Interactive Media Design which involves using Macromedia / Adobe Director to create interactive content. Both classes seem pretty awesome so far, and i'm getting the point as time comes along.

In OTHER news, did anyone else see the XBOX 360 show last night on MTV?!?! While the show only showed about a good 15 minutes of interesting content, the best stuff was found on the web as usual:

  • TeamXbox

    This is one of the top Xbox sites on the web today. Their in depth-coverage is among the best i've seen. They often have Exclusive interviews with developers in the gaming community, giving the content straight to their users.

  • Xbox 365

    This site wasn't even a choice to show here. More widely known for it's forums rather than news, the community of this site just reached 10,000 users - and that's just the registered ones. A fun fact is that users of the forums regularly contribute to the news findings! If you want to talk anything Xbox related, or have an Xbox Live Clan, this site is the one for you. I frequent this site under the tags "Deejay Knight [XF]" and "Dark Knight [XF]" so if you haven't yet, stop on in and see us. If you have something meaningful to say, we'd be glad to hear it!.

  • Xbox360 Portal at IGN

    I didn't know that sites could have this much information for just the ANNOUNCEMENT of a new console. Even though most of the rumours turned out to be true, this is just a WHOLE other ballgame. The sheer AMOUNT of information here would take days of reading to get to all of it, and i'm completely blown away by it's unveiling. If you NEED to have some info on that title you've been hearing about, they probably have it.

That'll do it for my update right now, but please believe that i'll be dropping my own Xbox 360 impressions on here, with photos (if you haven't already seen them - IF that's possible, lol).

Stay tuned!