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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Some people just don't get it...

Yikes - people take this kinda stuff right to heart...

My article got published at on the main page, and a bunch of people agreed. A bunch also got offended.

IF you get the chance to read the entire thing, please take notice again at the last paragraph. It asks (in a long-winded matter) for a couple articles explaining how these *gray areas* of technology work. Of course my knowing this is an advantage for me - but if they printed articles on this aspect of technology, wouldn't that educate the general public on these kinds of things?

That's really what the article is all about. Everything I know about the situation's specifics I added to the article. In my opinion, slamming Peter Moore for some aspects of the console is wrong without having any articles explaining what's going on behind the scenes.

Wouldn't the public know more if they'd printed articles like "Why Xbox 360's BC takes so long" or "Developers: The Secret Ingredient to good Gameplay and Visuals"? I'm sorry - I was under the impression it would...


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